Holy Stones and Iron Bones

Sewing needles have been used for centuries in these hills. They have been made from wood and bone, steel and nickel. They fasten, patch, and bring together. From sewing hides and shoes to patching clothes and quilting.

They repair beloved teddy bears and worn worked sachet bags alike. While used often as a tool not only for everyday things but also magic, they were often employed as roots themselves or ingredients; and they were almost always specified to be gold eyed. While they’re supposed to make sewing easier, I see no difference. Some sources stated it is for those with steel or nickel allergies, but that still doesn’t hold here as only the eye is coated with these.

Most of you may remember your grandmother having these. I never saw her use them. Ever. I figure they were for exactly this purpose, to work roots.

Needles are widely known for…

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