Witch coatSuper curious it sometimes is. I find that there is a fascination in the Eastern world for the Western Occult and this time they got it right. I found it on Wish ( yes, that super addictive shopping site where they have all the things.)  It is black and covered in symbols- ethereal and vaguely threatening. . . that is unless you understand the language being spoken. Admittedly, most people don’t speak alchemy any more, which is too bad and their hard luck, I guess.

When translated, the symbols are actually a blessing and boon. I find myself giggling inside when people sidle away while I wander publicly in my cozy witch hoodie. If they bothered with a little curiosity I would be more than happy to explain what it is I am wearing, but most put their head down and pretend they didn’t see it. The more fun ones stare openly not sure what to make of what they are looking at. Every once in a while I actually see someone who speaks the language smirk and nod. That makes me smirk  and nod back. Witchy code for: ” I see you” I guess. I don’t wear these things to be provocative. . . I wear these things because it’s the way my soul speaks. I feel more comfortable in my own skin like this.

So what exactly is it I am wearing??? Well, the symbols on the sleeve are sulfur, silver, and antimony. It’s an interesting mix of alchemy here that can be read in many different ways including harmony between men and women ( a much desired and needed thing right now.) But really, let’s look at what each of these alchemical elements and I’ll let you think your own thoughts about the magic presented here.

Sulphur: in mainstream thought, sulphur is associated with profanity, evil and specifically the infernal legions. Ironically it is not coded to mean any of those things or be used for anything infernal. It is actually used for just the opposite: it drives away the infernal and profane. It’s protection. It is an exorcist’s bestie, if you will. It is also on occasion used to indicate the male properties and the sun.

Silver: the moon is used to denote silver and the female principles of healing, compassion, and intuition. It talks about receptivity and conductivity. It is soft and adaptable, able to conform  itself to the occasion and reflects a gentle light on any situation. It is able to transmit inner wisdom and shares energy with ease.

Antimony: also very adaptable. However, it is more about the crown jewels of experience. I have seen a meme with a phrase on it that seems to sum up this piece of alchemy: She wears pain like jewels. . . and there is nothing more beautiful. Antimony is wisdom and strength gained and shared. It is the free spirit and the raw power of of wild animals that hides within each of us.

Sulphur, Silver and Antimony. . . the symbols drawn out are ethereal and evocative. . . maybe a little intimidating to look at. . . but really the witch wearing it is a blessing and boon to you if you are brave. Fear not the woman wearing black. . . she knows stuff.

Ok . . . now go think your own thoughts.

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