The coyotes had a howl sometime about 1am, The whole household and neighborhood was disturbed by it.

Lights flicked on, dogs barked and howled, cats zoomed around the floor at turbo speeds. So, of course I had to go outside to feel the situation out. There was owl somewhere hooting and there were small rustlings of smaller things scurrying around, possibly for cover. The whole night was lit up with tension. It wasn’t because the coyotes were howling, they make noise every once in a while, this was a howl that sounded more like they had been disturbed by something, not their usual hunting calls.

It felt like omens were being given and not the welcome ones. I sat there for a moment and flicked out my cigarette as a thing crossed my mind. I felt I should pay it heed. Facing the direction the omens heralded, I cast out the forbidding. What ever it was came creeping on the heels of the Las Vegas horror show and I was, in that moment, done with the whole tragic mess. I have no more need for horrific messes and I think neither does anyone else.

Wait. . . back up whaaaa???? Forbidding??? What the hexes are you talking about?! Ok, backing up. . . forbidding. Just because an omen is presented. . . does not mean we have to be contented to just accept it. Nope. Face the direction of the omen without any fear, just firm resolve to turn it from your life. Slash your power hand down thrice as though cutting unwanted cords and state something to the effect ” I do not accept this, you will pass me over and mine as well.”  Then fill that void with a better ending such as: ” me and mine will be left in peace.” With the power hand trace three circles through the air over the earth palm down as if to stir up its power.

I’m not sure what made me remember that tool in my witch box, it’s not one I keep close to the surface. It may be a direct result of seeing Hekate standing half shadowed in the corners of my meditation space as I close my eyes down. Coyotes may not be howling dogs exactly, but all the dogs that could howl, howled right after them. . . and then the owl thing. I can’t think of any other Goddess I speak with speaking this way. I haven’t gone in to find out what all of that is about yet, but it’s got a box to check off on my to do list. She may have a greater explanation of the coming situation and how to stay out of its path. We shall see how this thing unfolds. It seems Samhain season has been shaken wide open and comes at us with heavy hooves.

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